Bob’s Diamond Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Bob’s Diamond Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Bob T wanted a bright, clean finish for his concrete garage floor where he stored his Corvette and Harley Davidson’s. This area also served as an area for he and friends to hang out and ‘tinker’ on vehicles. He wanted a light-reflective epoxy floor finish that would truly make this a showcase garage. He chose a light grey epoxy base with black, blue and grey polymer chips to blend with his cabinets and wall colors. Our crew cleaned, ground and did extensive preparations to allow his dull, ugly concrete garage floor to be transformed with the Diamond Flake Epoxy Floor System.

The epoxy finish is non-skid and is easily cleaned with just a mild detergent. Your concrete garage floor is sealed and made impervious to oils, solvents and battery acid. It is also warranted against delamination for 3 years. Many of the other epoxy floor systems we’ve encountered do not hold up when vehicles with hot tires pull across them. Our products are high-quality, durable, and formulated for concrete. We do not use multi-purpose products from a do-it-yourself store. We use a proprietary system which also includes a unique concrete preparation system specifically developed for applying an epoxy covering to concrete floors.

This system allows you, the client, to choose different color combinations as well as coverage amounts to create your own unique look. More of the base can show through for a solid color if desired. We have a huge selection of polymer chip collections including natural stone and glitter accents. We carry a vast array of color combinations as well. These can be used for any indoor concrete flooring projects such as your garage, patio, basement, sunroom or covered porch. Because of the texture and color blends, they look good in all types of lighting.

They also contain an anti-microbial agent, making them the perfect choice for Doctors offices, Veterinary offices, Dentist offices and any public reception area. Because we use only high quality materials developed to blend together, the finished product is a strong, durable concrete floor covering, with enough texture to hide imperfections. The Diamond Flake Epoxy Floor System is stronger than plain concrete, yet allows a little flex for areas with temperature fluctuations.

Bob T was very pleased with the beautiful, clean, upscale look we were able to achieve for his concrete garage floor, while still making it practical for storing and working on vehicles. Even though this is a very high-end product with a rich look, it did not break the bank! We were able to create the look and feel he wanted, with a high-quality, durable product.

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