Mr. and Mrs. C’s Pool Makeover!

Mr. and Mrs. C’s Pool Makeover!

Mr. and Mrs. C loved swimming and entertaining around their pool. They did not, however like the cracked, ugly concrete and the fact that is was too hot to walk on in the hot summer sun. They wanted to create a backyard retreat, that accented and added value to their home, allowed them to enjoy their pool more, and had areas for entertaining. They chose a combination of almond, light tan and sandstone colors for the tile pattern, with a medium grey faux-brick edging. To achieve the look and functionality they desired we used the Hallmark Concrete Finishing System.

The Hallmark System is a layered coating system for outdoor concrete projects, which is cooler than plain concrete, stronger than plain concrete and can be designed in the perfect color and pattern to accent your special outdoor concrete project. We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns, and because it is a blend of several colors, you truly end up with a unique, personal finish. This non-skid, finish is the perfect concrete coating for pools and outdoor entertainment areas. The Hallmark System is warranted against fading for 10 years and has been tested in California, Arizona and Florida. This is a Concrete Technology Inc. (CTi) product, which was developed to Restore, Protect and Beautify your drab, ugly outdoor concrete areas. We can totally transform your pool, driveway, walkway, porch or patio, and give you a high quality, long-lasting, finish to your concrete. The Hallmark System coats and seals your concrete, so it is even better than pouring new concrete and a fraction of the cost.

We are a certified CTi dealership with extensive training in assessing the best coating for your damaged, ugly concrete. We have ongoing training and support for preparing and treating your outdoor concrete projects, and we have high quality, well tested products. CTi products are far superior to those available in do-it-yourself stores and provide years of beauty and value for your home.

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